Designing for a Good Cause

Designing for a Good Cause

I think we can all agree, this year has been kind of cr*p. Well, all is not that bad but there is a lot of bad vibes floating around.
I was sitting on the couch last night, thinking about all the things that have happened and how little of the stories that came my way were actually positive.

So I decided to take things into my hands; let’s design for a good cause!

There is a ton of people out there who’s job, day-in-day-out, is to help other people. And that is simply admirable. I have the upmost respect for these people. So, my flawless (hum) logic kicked in: If I help people who help people, well, then,…. surely I’m doing something good for the world!

So today I did a quick Google DuckDuckGo search of ‘charities in Ireland’, checked out their website, and emailed a few of them, offering my services, pro-bono. Let’s see who comes back.

In the meanwhile, if you know anybody who needs a website and who falls in the category above (good people doing good things), do get us in touch!

Few notes:

  • Make sure they are actually doing good things.
  • Make sure they are in Ireland (this helps logistically).
  • Preferably a registered charity (though I can live without that)

As per the Alpaca, not quite sure how he  made it up there in the thumbnail, but I like him…

That’s all for now.

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